Hey y’all! For you college students, you guys are probably swimming with finals and papers and projects. My finals week is shockingly mellow. A few presentations here or there. Nothing too scandalously crazy.

This left me a lot of time to craft this elaborate post for you to devour (Pun: Intended).

I’ll give you a wee little hint. It centers around international desserts. Will it but churros, cannoli, crème burlee, or tiramisu? Well by golly gee, you’ll just have to tune in to find out!

"image" "food" "churro"

I’ve actually never had a churro before (and as you will soon learn, not many other international desserts). However, deep-fried dough and cinnamon? What more can a gal need?

I’ll also let you know that I crafted some surveys, timelines and maps for your viewing pleasure. I even did a little research on the said dishes to learn a little history on food. It will all be in a nice, concise little post for you to read while you’re taking a break from those dreaded finals. I hope to have it up sometime this weekend. If not, it will definitely be up by Monday!

It will get you something to look forward to as you become a slave to school. So get your excited caps on!