I can’t believe how fast this semester went. I am already beginning to packing adventures for my month long vacation back in Kansas. What? Wasn’t it just yesterday I was packing for the long haul to college? Unfathomable.

Despite finals looming, there is only thing on my mind right now: Holiday baking! There’s something immeasurably better about baking in the cold December air. There’s nothing quite like making a batch of our family’s almond joy balls with the sounds of Michael Buble’s Christmas album in the background. Since I’m all about “honesty is the best policy” here, I am going to go ahead and say Michael Buble’s voice is crafted specifically for Christmas carols. Step aside Frank Sinatra, there’s a new man in town. Sssssssssh! Just listen…

Way back in September, I made a commitment to make goodie baskets for our close family and friends for the holiday season. As if that wasn’t daunting enough, I agreed to make desserts for my dad’s side of the family’s Christmas. I found out this week that so far, that Christmas dinner entails approximately 25 guests. Now I don’t know for sure, I’m just spit balling here, but I think, I think, I may regret these commitments. By the end of next week, you may find me buried beneath a mountain of flour and sugars.

Another issue: Most of my close friends are scattered across the country. I had to do a little research to determine the best recipes for shipping and storing dough to make them as fresh as possible. Luckily, I found this link that allows me to make big batches of cookies, then cook them right before I am ready to mail them.

So, I started compiling the lists. My sister and I made a pact to go on a baking binge when I get home. It’s debatable whether it will actually happen or not. Funny tangent story time! My sister and I have a tendency to think of these grand plans that sound wonderful in theory (like going to a cider mill or re-watching the first season of American Horror Story) but usually leave us thinking, “Why did we think that would be fun again?” We call these moments “Goober” moments inspired by the peanut butter and jelly jarred mystery concoction. In theory, putting the peanut butter and jelly in the same jar deters from your peanut butter becoming jelly-fied. However, there’s just something about the two sitting in a jar together that’s a tad off-putting.

"Image" "Goober"

Don’t tell me this isn’t a tad alarming. You know once you start eating, those clearly delineated lines will be no more.

I have a feeling these goody baskets and Christmas dessert and sisterly bonding baking will fall into the “Goober” category.

However, without further ado, I present to the current (and ever growing) list of things I plan to make for the holiday season!


Bars and Bark: