Hello, folks! Guess what I am doing? Guess! Guess! Guess! I am writing this from a living room. That’s right. A living room. This means only one thing: I am home! Aaahhh….home sweet home. Home is where the heart is. There’s no place like home. I could throw in any cliché about home, but the essence is just the same. Home equals a happy place.

I didn’t even really know where to begin when I finally got home. I was exhausted and pooped and wiped out from my early morning travels yesterday morning. I got back to Kansas around one, but immediately got home to find my mom’s kitchen barren. I honestly don’t know how she survives. There was one dish of pasta and a tiny sliver of hummus left. No bread. No fruit. No veggies. No no no. This simply will not do. I immediately hightailed it to the store to pick up at least some essentials.

Then, this morning. Dear lord, how glorious this morning was. I got to drink my early cup of Joe on a couch with a Real Housewives of New Jersey marathon. I made soft-boiled eggs, toast with sunflower seed butter, and a banana. Heaven. It was heaven.

Now that my completely irrelevant tangent about home is over, I present you with the purpose of this post. As I mentioned earlier this week, I am addicted to Food Network. In fact, it is on in the background right now. Another perk of being home? I have this magical device called DVR. I already set it to record all the new Thanksgiving shows Saturday morning since I will be out earning sister of the year award while going to my brother’s 8 a.m. hockey practice. That’s right. 8 a.m. on a Saturday. What a cruel, cruel world. What a sweet, sweet sister.

My favorite show is Giada at Home. I must admit, sometimes that Giada irks me. Her incessant need to Italianize nearly every word can teeter on the edge of excessive. I once watched her make a Mexican dish. I swear, she somehow managed to make taquito sound like it had Italian origins.

However, her dishes always leave me hankering. I suppose that is the sign of a successful chef. There always seems to be a pasta dish embedded in the episode. There always seems to be some obscure ingredient involved. I can’t explain it, though. My mind encroaches a state of tranquility and awakened slumber.

I decided to do a little research on her. Nothing too creepy. Just when did she get into the business? How? Why? Has she travelled a lot? What about her personal life? She always talks about her husband and baby on the show.

Below is a short timeline to her life. It includes some ordinary biography information, career information, and personal information.


Side note. I found it fascinating she didn’t know any English moving to America. I can’t even imagine what it would be like to move away from all your friends as a wee little thing. Then, on top of that to move away from your friends to a land where they don’t even speak your language? Props to her for surviving that adjustment.