Whew! The big push before break. It seems as though all my classes are beginning to wind down. I can’t determine if they are winding down or if my mentality is “eh, it’s almost break, so who cares!” Either way, my workload seems to be dwindling.

This leaves me faaaaaaar too much time to indulge in my cooking shows. I soaked up all the Thanksgiving meals being whipped up on Semi-Homemade, Giada at Home, and Pioneer Woman on Saturday morning (coconut hot chocolate? Sign me up!).

"Image" "Thanksgiving" "Turkey"

Can you believe it’s almost Thanksgiving? Lordy where did the time go?

But this got me thinking…how much do I really learn watching these shows? Is it merely a masochistic form of entertainment where I turn off the TV salivating and sobbing because I don’t have the means of making a sweet potato casserole? Or do I actually learn anything useful for when I finally get my grubby little hands on an oven?

For instance, I learned how to chop an onion painlessly thanks to Rachael Ray. Though, to be honest, when it came to actually applying the technique, I failed miserably. So am I really just wasting my time with these shows? Or am I actually learning anything useful.

Look at this onion. Sitting there so harmlessly. Except it’s a demon vegetable. Chopping this thing into tiny bits? A royal, crying pain.

I feel like I know some random nuggets of information about not only baking but also food in general. I mean, I should hope so after the hours of TV I have devoted (yes, devoted!) to the Food Network.

I figured the only real way to know if I knew an unusual amount of information was to offer a comparison point. Ergo, I created a “Baking Trivia Challenge” game. Applause for my clever name, eh? I really felt empowered channeling my inner Bob Barker. “Michelle, COOOOOME ON DOOOWN” I refuse to buy into this Drew Carey business.

I interviewed two different people to ask them baking questions. They were very basic questions. Nothing to extravagant. There weren’t any specific rules, like they had to answer within a certain time frame. It was simply asking them a question, and then seeing if (and often laughing) at what their responses were. They each were asked five questions. I included only two from each lady. Check it out!

The two ladies I interviewed, Jackie and Michelle, were kind enough to allow me to ask some questions that, it turns out, they had no idea what the answers were. I inwardly laughed watching their faces morph into pure confusion the second I finished asking them the question. I want to emphasis the “inwardly” part because laughing at their faces would be just plain rude. My momma taught me manners.

Turns out, most people don’t know that you can substitute applesauce for oil or that garbanzo beans and chickpeas are the same thing.

Not that we are turning this into a competition because this was all in friendly fun. Though let’s be real, Bring it On had it right: “This is about winning! Everyone in favor of winning?!” Guaranteed I am the only one that got that reference.

However, Jackie kicked Michelle’s tush. I asked each of them five questions.  Jackie got three of the five right.  Michelle only got one right, a question about meringue. It’s all right though, ladies! Better luck next time! Errrrmmm…. that’s assuming I do another fantastically named “Baking Trivia Challenge” game.

I guess it proves to those hard working chefs on TV slaving away over a hot stove and a camera crew that their blood, sweat, and tears ain’t for nuttin’. Success! They actually teach people things from time to time.