"Image" "Candy Corn" "Cookies"

If you look closely, you can see the flying candy corn on the oven. It was dangerous getting these bad boys off the pan.

Aaaaaah, back breathing the “Burgh air. Kinda sad. I loved seeing Tina and her family as well as being back in a house for a little bit.

But only 36 more days until I make the trek back to Kansas for Thanksgiving break. But hey who’s counting, eh?

I never realized I was Midwest to the bone until I moved to the East. I miss my trees and land and expansive space and my car (Eunice in case anyone was wondering her name).

FOOD, MEGAN! This is a blog about food.

As you know, I took a getaway weekend trip to Detroit to visit an old friend. Saturday night, we binge baked. I think total three batches of cookies, one pot of chili, and a salad were made. By the end of the night, I was running around frazzled thinking, “Why did I miss baking so much again?”

We decided to do a little experimentation. Make chocolate chip cookies – with a twist. Instead of chocolate chips, we throw in some candy corn. Tina hates candy corn. I, on the other hand, love candy corn. The first three ingredients are sugar, sugar, and sugar (Gasp! I am a masochist and looked at the nutrition facts for candy corn.). I say irrelevant. That candy is darn near delectable.

"Image" "Cookies" "Candy Corn"

This hot mess is what happens when you try to put candy corn in the oven. Pretty tasty, eh?

I figured what could be better. Candy corn? Cookies? Yes and yes. For this particular recipe, conception surpassed execution. Because let me tell you, this did not work at all.

For one, the candy corn melted. Not like chocolate chip ooey gooey melted. Like melted onto the pan melted. We could barely get them off the pan, let alone get them off the pan in a cookie shape.

Then, when we took the risk and ate one, the candy corn were chewy and tough. Not exactly something we want in our cookies.

Needless to say, I was deeply saddened by this revelation. I was so very much looking forward to seeing how this would pan out. Much like most people do when they are feeling distressed, I took the issue to Facebook.

My somewhat crafty mother-in-law (she’s my sister’s husband’s mom. Sounds way more complicated than our relationship is) suggested I bake the cookies without the candy corn. Then, immediately after taking them out of the oven, throw some candy corn in them. It’s kind of like a hybrid blossom cookie.

"Image""Candy Corn" "Cookies"

It took so much elbow grease and a Pampered Chef tool to get this pile of attractiveness.

Have any of y’all tried that before? Or have any other suggestions about how to get candy corn cookies? Leave ‘em in the comments section!