Y’all guess where I am blogging from? 

Guess? Guess? 

Okay, fine I’ll tell you. A house!

I decided to take the LONG 8 hour bus ride from Pittsburgh to Detroit to visit my best friend Christina aka “Tina” (Only I call her Tina, but that’s neither here nor there). 

Tina moved to Detroit right after we graduated high school to be closer to her family. I see her maybe twice a year, so food plus friends? What a treat this will be! 


Here is Tina and me. She graciously allowed me to abuse her kitchen for this long weekend. Really she just wanted free meals. Not that I’m complaining!

But you know what this means?


I came prepared. I made lists of cookies I wanted to make, dinners I am ready to devour, and places to eat. We are talking candy corn cookies, sweet potato chili, and cider mill donuts. Needless to say I am a little pumped for this weekend. 

Don’t you worry.

There will definitely be posts to come on my baking adventures.